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Did The FTC Really Just Say This?

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Samuel Levine, the director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection addressed the Direct Selling Association Legal & Regulatory Seminar on September 22, 2022. Levine cited the “tremendous” number of public comments received by the FTC in response to their announcement of a Proposed Rulemaking to address the use of unfair and deceptive earnings claims by representatives of MLM companies to recruit potential new promoters. Levine thanked Melissa Dickey, Kathleen Daffan, and Alejandro Rosenberg for their assistance with analyzing the public comments and preparing his statement addressing this topic with the Direct Selling Association. Notably, Kathleen (Kati) Daffan, Assistant Director in the FTC’s Division of Marketing Practices, joined us for the 2nd annual MLM Conference in June 2022 and presented during the session on Worrisome MLM Trends.

I have embedded a PDF copy of Levine's speech here if anyone would like to use that link to share the document without having to download or upload anything:  

I also am apparently able to attach the document itself to this forum, so doing that as well.