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Direct Selling News - Impact of MLM on Utah Economy

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From Bill:
This is an article about a study of the impact of MLM in UT:
Other states with a sizable MLM presence have economies bigger than UT (TX 9x, CA 15x) but this certainly gives the MLMs some political clout.
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Attaching a PDF of the analysis itself. It starts out with the subtitle:

Utah’s established direct selling industry anchored over 38,000
well-paying jobs and added significantly to state and local tax
revenues as part of its 2020 statewide economic impacts.

But, noting the fine print on page 3:

Utah employment at direct selling companies does not include
independent sales representatives

So yeah, great job on the 38,000 well-paying jobs--now, what about the 21,000+ extremely low-wage jobs you also facilitated?

In 2020, 10 large direct selling companies had 21,457 independent sales representatives in Utah, predominantly women. Their median self-employment earnings (before expenses) ranged from $70 to $3,000 per year.