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MLM Conference format idea

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Hey everyone- I figured I'd given the message board a try and start a convo about the MLM conference format. I really love the idea of the conference being spread out over the course of a few days, perhaps a few weekends, and being half day sessions. Thouhts? 

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Yes! Thank you for bringing this up here! A couple of ideas that I know were thrown out in our 9/13 meeting were:

  • Shorter sessions
  • More days
  • Combination of panels and workshops

Personally, I'm really gravitating towards the idea of us putting on 2-3 workshops in between sessions. I am sure that we can find people willing to address different topics like (just ideas):

  • Financial literacy
  • Reporting fraud
  • Mental health
  • Recovery/Leaving MLM

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I like the idea of having a number of shorter sessions throughout the year, each of which would be more focused on a single topic or group of related topics.   This dovetails with Claudia's suggestion of holding an afternoon workshop for academics to meet and exchange ideas.   There could be workshops on regulatory developments, consumer advocacy issues (including best practices to avoid defamation and other threats), as well as the topics you listed.