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November 2022:

Out Of MLM is honored and excited to be teaming up with the Life After MLM and From Huns to Humans podcasts and the #igotout movement, which empowers survivors of cultic abuse to share their stories online as a catalyst for education, prevention, and healing, to spend the month of November taking a closer look at the many crossovers in healing from MLM and recovering from cultic abuse.

Getting out of a controlling group or relationship can trigger profound shame, confusion, regret – and loneliness. But there is tremendous power in sharing our stories – for our own healing and for helping others. When we speak up, we can heal together. Get involved with the #igotout movement.

When we get out of cults, MLMs, or other high-control relationships, we can experience so much shame, regret, guilt…the numbness, despair, or confusion… it can seem neverending.

There is an empowering online community of survivors that helps -not harms – connected by a hashtag – #igotout. Our collective stories can blow the lid off that shame and stigma. Learn more and find resources at

You are not alone.

Do you have a cult survivor story? Consider sharing: Click Here offers resources for survivors of cultic abuse to help them tell their stories.

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The Mission —


The mission of #igotout is to inspire survivors of high demand environments who have experienced cultic, religious, or spiritual abuse to tell and share their stories – if and when it’s safe to do so

The hashtag, the website, and associated social media platforms are intended to provide an inclusive online space in which to heal, learn from each other, prevent further harm, and educate the public about the harmful effects of coercive control and undue influence. 

We believe the simple yet profound act of safely sharing our stories can help lessen the burden of shame, stigma, and isolation while also correcting widespread misconceptions about cultic involvement. Our stories can help the general public better understand complex cultic dynamics and how they impact us all today.

We tell our stories. We change the world.

Every Story Matters


As stories are amplified on social media, it is our hope that current members will see themselves in those stories and begin their process of waking up. And, most importantly, they will not feel alone and have a safe, supportive space to connect with others that can help.

What will happen when millions of us speak up?

Let’s find out.