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Perfectly Posh

(“Empowered” by Innov8tive)

Has Innov8tive Nutrition’s Pursuit of Posh got you Perfectly Perplexed?

Well, pull up your Papasan and prepare because the pretty picture they’ve tried to paint for you new promoters is pig poop and the proof is in the pudding… and we have the pudding. Please press play for this page’s prospectus!

Welcome Message by Mallory Grantz of

What changed? What happened?

In June of 2022, LaCore Enterprises, shrouded in an intentional veil of mystery, officially merged two of its multilevel marketing companies (established in entirely different industries), Innov8tive Nutrition* and Perfectly Posh. The merger was announced by Innov8tive Nutrition’s Facebook page “welcoming the Posh family to Innov8tive Nutrition,” which makes it sound like Posh was bought out. The new CEOs (more on them later) milked this narrative, “welcoming” their new Posh promoters by shaming them for questioning what was happening and essentially claiming that Innov8tive had taken on a massive debt burden and was doing them a favor by rescuing their company from financial ruin.
What they failed to mention was that in reality, both companies were already owned–and backed–by the same parent corporation, LaCore Enterprises. If LaCore Enterprises sounds familiar to you, it could be because via this one LLC (among 22 others registered to him in the state of Texas), one mediocre white man§ named Terry LaCore (henceforth to be referred to as “Daddy LaCore”) owns somewhere in the ballpark of fifteen multilevel marketing companies. If LaCore Enterprises does not sound familiar at all to you, that tracks, too. LaCore–to this point–has been successful in flying under the radar of activists and advocates for those looking to understand what the heck kind of ride they’ve just been taken on by one of his companies.

Back to the “Welcome to Innov8tive” video from the CEOs on Facebook–in addition to severely bending the truth about their “acquisition” (internal merger of two similarly structured branches of LaCore), Barb and Heidi also conveniently left out the fact that, while they both present themselves as co-CEO/founders, they’re (allegedly, in my opinion) just two more serial scammers jumping from one network marketing company to another until they’ve built a big enough downline to ask Daddy Terry to put their name on a whole ass company.

LaCore Ent merges Perfectly Posh with Innov8tive Nutrition

*Does it bother anyone else that it is Innov8tive and not Innov8ive? I’m just saying–eight already has a “t” in it.
More to come on LaCore Enterprises, but for more information NOW, try looking here.


Innov8tive Nutrition suffers from faceless corporation syndrome. If you followed the Pitcocks and came in through Wakaya Perfection, this isn’t an issue.
Members of public, i.e. new affiliates however, are completely lost as to who is running the show.

Innov8tive Nutrition Review: LaCore Enterprises patch opp

Meet Your New Co-CEOs

Barb Pitcock

Born Barbara Sue Zorn on March 20th, 1971 (of course she’s a f⋆⋅✯⋅⋆ing Pisces) and raised in the absolute armpit of the Midwest, Barb Pitcock touts her personal and professional story as the “quintessential” American Dream. But is this story a classic rags-to-riches fairy tale, or is it closer to a Netflix-style thriller about false relatability, unconscious manipul8tion, and cutthroat survival tactics?

Here are some things we think you ought to know about Barb that she won’t have told you herself:

1. This isn’t her first rodeo. Sure, she’ll be the first to tell you that, to reassure you that Perfectly Posh is in good, experienced hands–but that’s not what I mean. Barb doesn’t just have experience in network marketing. In fact, she has a history specifically of starting new network marketing companies, placing herself at the top of their pyramid, and then either leaving/closing it due to legal troubles or quietly rebranding it altogether and launching it as another “new” one. Here are some of the companies Barb and her husband Dave have been associated with:


Barb and David Pitcock started Livinity after a long and lucrative career as distributors themselves. The couple saw a need and founded Livinity as a way to give back.

“We were so tired of seeing people get involved with other companies where they could never make a residual income,” David says. “So we created a different kind of compensation plan, which we believe offers a way for the average person to make a residual income right from the start.”

Direct Selling News 2010

July 16, 2012 08:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Growing direct-selling conglomerate Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences ( announces that it has entered into a sales and marketing alliance with Livinity™, Inc. (, a Russell, Kansas-based direct seller of health and wellness products. The alliance will integrate Livinity’s established product line along with its 10,000 distributors and customers. Youngevity is a wholly owned subsidiary of AL International (PINKSHEETS: JCOF) (, a global marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet fortified coffee.

Livinity is a direct-selling health and wellness company with a strong focus on pain management, stress relief and energy. Founded in 1996 by David Pitcock and Barb Pitcock, the company is dedicated to empowering its distributors and customers via a wide variety of personal care products as well as nutritional supplements. Livinity’s key product lines include Stress-ESE Plus, Livinity RELIEF Pain Gel & Capsules, and BlueREZ Healthy Energy Shots. As a result of the agreement, distributors and customers from both Livinity and Youngevity will have access to both of their products and services.

Business Wire 2012
Pitcock Marketing Group


Wakaya Perfection


Mfinity Global

Innov8tive Nutrition

Perfectly Posh

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2. She doesn’t care about you. Earlier, we questioned whether Barb’s storybook version of herself was truly just an image constructed of false relatability. I mean, it’s easy to feel like you’re listening to someone who really gets it, when Barb talks about her origin story, right? Midwest values, small town, big dreams. And to her credit and to my knowledge, she even still lives in the same part of Kansas where she got her start. Well, pretty close by like a town over because someone told me she had some legal trouble keeping her out of her hometown. Oh, and if you can really call it sticking to your roots when you live in a $900,000 mansion with a library and a theater, in an area with a median household income of $44,000.

She also knows the claims she makes while recruiting new people into network marketing are plainly untrue. In my experience covering multilevel marketing, I’ve actually softened and come to understand that the vast majority of people in MLMs are like I was–well-intentioned, earnest, and ignorant. Barb Pitcock is not one of these people. Have you heard her talk about residual income and owning your own business? I have–but she knows better than anyone that joining a network marketing company does not a business owner make. In fact, in 2016 she countersued Youngevity, the company she allegedly gutted when she started her own Wakaya Perfection, for terminating her contract with them. Yep, turns out it’s a bit more complicated than building your “empire” in one company and then moving on but continuing to collect those “residuals”.

3. She co-owns a CBD-infused essential oils company. VEO Essential Oils sells products very comparable to the ones Perfectly Posh sells, but don’t worry–Posh’s new Policies and Procedures (which she helped craft) explicitly carve out an exception in their definition of “Competing Products” for wholesalers like VEO. Convenient!

This is pure speculation and not backed by any proof I’ve been able to find, but I do wonder if VEO, which was established in 2014, even before Wakaya Perfection, is a supplier for any of her companies.

4. She and her fellow co-CEO are not salaried executives.

5. She’s a little too close for comfort to Jessie Lee Ward. Jessie Lee Ward (“JLW” or “Boss Lee”) is a network marketing social media personality (and alleged sociopath) whose name comes up a lot in the anti-MLM space because she unabashedly encapsulates all of the worst parts of multilevel marketing–she is obsessed with recruiting at all costs, and even acknowledges publicly that what she is promoting is a scam. JLW is another serial network marketer, currently promoting another LaCore company, Prüvit.

I was just looking into one of the several other MLMs Barb Pitcock is currently running, trying to put together a timeline for this page, and I’m telling you if you really want to get a good feel for who these people are, set a timer and go google “mfinity global”. In fact, let me do it for you. Okay, and then see how long it takes you to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the company’s super special ingredient it is marketing as “the best antioxidant on the planet” (bonus points if you can find a reliable source for that claim!)? NOT what is it called–what is it, actually, and how easily do you think you could find the same thing for literally 1/10th the price and no auto-ship?
  2. Is this even an MLM? An influencer platform? A referral program?

Mfinity Global does make it pretty easy to sign up as an “Mfluencer.” Unfortunately for those looking to see what making money with the company actually involves, their basic compensation breakdown doesn’t even mention the multilevel piece of your potential paycheck. It begs me to question what they have to hide. So, of course, I kept digging until I found a link to their full compensation plan, and imagine my shock when the document link turned out to be hosted by a Wakaya domain. I thought Wakaya was dead. Are these all really just the same company? (Further digging confirms…. yes, Mfinity appears to be Zombie Wakaya)

Heidi Whitehair

Quick Links to Innov8tive Info

MLMs seem to be allergic to transparency, so in the spirit of informed consent, we want to make some important things you should consider a little easier to find:

Product Packs



We are still putting together all of the pieces to this pyramid, so, as is the case with all the other sections, this compilation is fluid at the moment. We appreciate your patience!

Once upon a time, Barb and Dave Pitcock were top leaders in their now-apparent arch nemesis, Youngevity. Upon (allegedly) taking part in an (alleged) organized mass exodus from the MLM, the Pitcocks and Youngevity became embroiled in lawsuits that would take years to settle–yes, settle.

“Barb and Dave Pitcock became Youngevity distributors in 2012 when Youngevity acquired the company they owned. Dave Pitcock left Youngevity based on disputes with Youngevity’s management in the fall of 2014, and Barb Pitcock continued to manage the distributorships through March 2016.”

Case No. 2:16-cv-00315-DN, November 2017

March 2016 – Youngevity sues Barb and Dave Pitcock as part of a group of alleged coconspirators in an attempted systematic gutting of their company.

November 2017 – Attorneys for the Pitcocks and the others sum up their side of the story–and please don’t overlook the hilarious fact that the lawyers representing Wakaya Perfection manage to somehow misspell “Wakaya” every single time they say it:

“Plaintiff Wayaka Perfection, LLC (“Wayaka”) and defendant Youngevity International, Inc. (“Youngevity”) are both multi-level marketing companies. Wayaka and Youngevity market their products through their networks of distributors who recruit others who in turn may become distributors for the company. Wayaka’s president and founder, Todd Smith, and the other plaintiffs, Dave Pitcock, Barb Pitcock, Andre Vaughn, Blake Graham, and Total Nutrition, Inc. dba TNT (the “Distributor Plaintiffs,” and together with Wayaka, “Plaintiffs”), have been distributors for Youngevity. When Distributor Plaintiffs became involved with Wayaka, Youngevity unilaterally terminated their distributorships and withheld their commissions. Plaintiffs contend that Defendants have breached their contracts with the Distributor Plaintiffs and violated statutory and common laws by terminating their distributorships”

April 2019 – Court grants Youngevity a subpoena on Verizon Wireless for text message logs from January 1, 2015, through July 1, 2016, which were sent and received by both of the Pitcocks and other members of the group that left Youngevity.

August 2021 – Court finds Dave Pitcock, Barb Pitcock, and Andre Vaughn in contempt of Court and they must pay Youngevity $58,029.90 (plus interest).

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