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What is #Anti-MLM?

#Anti-MLM refers to the use of the hashtag “#anti-MLM” on social media platforms, particularly on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, to identify and discuss concerns or criticisms about multi-level marketing (MLM) companies and their business practices.

MLM companies are businesses that use a network of independent contractors, or “distributors,” to sell their products or services. Distributors earn a commission based on their own sales and the sales of other distributors in their downline, or team. MLM companies often use social media and other forms of direct marketing to recruit new distributors and promote their products.

Many people who use the #anti-MLM hashtag on social media express concerns about the business model of MLM companies, arguing that they often rely on predatory or unethical practices to recruit new distributors and sell products. Others use the hashtag to share personal experiences with MLM companies, including difficulties with making a profit or with being recruited as a distributor.

It’s important to note that not all distributors for MLM companies are necessarily unethical or intentionally predatory. However, as the business structure is–by design–only profitable for a small minority of participants, unethical and predatory behaviors are bred into the culture, to the point that most of the perpetrators are totally blind to the logical conclusions of the sales and recruiting tactics they’ve been taught.


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